World's greatest real-life superheroes

In times of peril we at Asylum respond in the only way that real men can — we run and hide under our beds, put a Spider-Man DVD on really loud and hope everything turns out okay.
Luckily the world is not only made up of cowards who wish superheroes were real. There are also those prepared to do something about it. They are the champions who, by dressing up in fancy dress and making a MySpace page, transform their lives from the mundane to the marvellous — the Real Life Superheroes.

True, the extent to which these characters actually help people varies. Some, such as the UK’s Angle Grinder Man, take to the streets to save stricken cars from clamps. Others, like the USA’s Civitron, do charity work. Still more, like Hong Kong’s Red Arrow Man, just try to “become the salt and light of the world”… Er, cool?
Anyway, regardless of whether these heroes actually have superpowers or not, we salute them. We want to live in a world with heroes in Spandex tights, and if they’re the best we’ve got then so be it.