Low Rise

low-rise_3374259_51By Scott Wilson
Who knew Kansas City, Kansas, was a Triple-A farm club for superheroes? According to the World Superhero Registry, a woman crime fighter named Nyx guards the streets of KCK. But she’s about to go to the show: New York. (Staff writer Justin Kendall posted a video of Nyx along with his May 7 Plog entry about her.)
As though Gotham needs more costumed avengers.
It figures that our metro isn’t big enough for Nyx — she already has been three other people. She first called herself Hellcat, then Felinity and then Sphynx. Now she’s Nyx, named for the Greek goddess of the night, a beautiful and powerful but shadowy figure who gave birth to the gods of sleep and death.
Nyx’s MySpace profile is a little less classical and a little more Andrew Lloyd Webber:
“I am Nyx, masked protector of the night.
“Like the night, I cannot be proven or disproven to certain degrees; and also much like the night, when morning comes there will be no trace of me.
“It’s impossible to define but I feel a certain degree of loyalty to every being that inhabits this earth, a compulsion to watch — to help — to protect.
“I respect all RLSH [Real Life Super Heroes] of every sort, it’s not an easy life we’ve chosen but we’ve chosen it nonetheless.”
Nyx is a member of a superhero group called Vixens of Valour. (That’s the Queen’s English version of valor, not chicks in velour costumes. How disappointing.) Apparently, she’s also vice president of the Heroes Network and a member of the Signal of Light Foundation. No word on whether she’s a superfriend or a Rotarian.
Nothing in her bio suggests that she has found an archenemy, something every hero needs. If she can’t find one in New York, she’ll have to hang up her cowl. No, creditors who chase you out of the Big Apple and into your parents’ basement don’t count.