KCK has a superhero named Nyx?

By Justin Kendall in News, Random Life
Citizens of Kansas City, Kansas, a superhero walks among you — but not for long. The World Superhero Registry (didn’t Captain America just fight superhero registration?) says a female crime fighter named Nyx guards the streets of KCK but will soon move to New York.

Damn, Gotham always steals the best heroes.
Nyx has had a bit of an identity crisis. She was formerly known as Hellcat, Felinity and Sphynx. In Greek mythology, Nyx was the goddess of the night, a beautiful and powerful but shadowy figure who mothered the gods of sleep and death.
Here’s a brief bio from Nyx’ MySpace profile:

“I am Nyx, masked protector of the night…
Like the night, I cannot be proven or disproven to certain degrees; and also much like the night, when morning comes there will be no trace of me.
It’s impossible to define but I feel a certain degree of loyalty to every being that inhabits this earth, a compulsion to watch — to help — to protect.
I respect all RLSH [Real Life Super Heroes] of every sort, it’s not an easy life we’ve chosen but we’ve chosen it nonetheless.”

After the jump, more about KCK’s mysterious hero — and she speaks!
Nyx is a member of the superhero group Vixens of Valour. She’s apparently vice president of the Heroes Network and a member of the Signal of Light Foundation. Ooh, superhero politics. 
Alas, what’s a hero without an arch nemesis? Sadly, Nyx’ profile says she has none.
Nyx has also posted videos on YouTube, but none record her heroics. This one is from October 2008.
I sent Nyx a message on MySpace, but she has yet to respond. I understand. A hero’s journey leaves little time for self-promotion.