O'CONNELL: Twin Cities super heroes

When I first heard about these so called “Real Life Super Heroes” I have to admit I was a little skeptical. I was never interested in comic books but I had this idea of adult men in funny costumes who thought they had super powers. I found out they actually do have super powers. Powers of giving. Powers of community.

Through Myspace I connected with a man called “Geist-The Emerald Cowboy”. He responded to me but when he wouldn’t give me his real name or phone number because of “security reasons”-I knew he was serious. That made our meeting even more intriguing. I spent last Saturday night with 4 members of the Great Lakes Super Heroes Guild. A loose network of anonymous do gooders. Real Life Super Heroes or “Reals” go around doing random acts of kindness and good deeds for strangers. They also show up at charity events, fundraisers and homeless shelters to lend a hand. The twist is: they do it dressed in custom made disguises. Each has their own persona, costume and favorite causes. There are about 200 “Real Life Super Heroes” around the country.

Although they do pack non-lethal weapons, they don’t come across much street crime. I can tell you by spending 3 hours with them is they sure get people talking and more importantly, thinking about helping your community… Certainly heroes in my book.
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