Ousting You Local Drug Spot

When ousting a local drug operation, remember that the kid on the corner is the most expendable. Breakin down and or disorganizing a “set” is the way to do damage. This forces then to try and move to an easier spot to sell thier product, but in the process, usually many will be caught by the Police. You will probably quickly find that the Police become a great “tool” for you, and vice-versa. What you don’t have the manpower and or authority to do, they will.

But the the Police need certain info to get the job done. If you don’t give the local precinct enough so they are workin w/ somethin the FIRST time, don’t expect them to listen to you next time. This is where recon comes in.

The most important of these being: (in drug trafficking situations)
1. Street address
2. Busiest time of day for the spot
3. Crew or gang name if you can provide it, if not, at least crew colors.
4. If possible (at your own risk) find out who runs the spot (street name is usually good enough)
5. Through survelliance, try and find out WHEN they bring the drugs to the spot.

1. When you report drug activity, you may not SEE any police response. The area or individuals you are reporting on may already be the subject of an on-going undercover investigation. Also, since drug transactions seldom involve danger to participants or bystanders, crimes that endanger someone must have first priority for available officers.
2. Your reports are very important. They let the police know there’s a problem, and you provide a reason for police to start an investigation of a person or location or provide vital information for an on-going investigation. Laws do no allow police to stop or investigate people without a good reason to believe they may be involved in illegal activity. Your information may be vital to meeting this demand of the law.

What the Police want to know:
• What makes you believe drugs are being sold?
• Do you know what drugs are involved? Have you seen any drug paraphernalia?
• How long has the activity gone on?
• Have you reported this activity before? If so, when?
• What is the address where the drug activity is occurring (including the apartment number) or the closest intersection.
• What type of building is it? (single family, home, business, apartment)